Programs We Fund


Dental care relieving pain and discomfort for pets with grade 3 or higher periodontal disease

35 pets helped/$20,905 in funding in 2020

Lifesaving and life-improving medical care to pets suffering from injury, illness, or abuse

37 pets helped/$24,861 in funding in 2020

Parasite prevention for all dogs, cats, and rabbits

1,084 dogs, 988 cats, 133 rabbits helped/$45,044 in funding in 2020

Funds spay and neuter surgeries for community cats, helping to reduce the problem of pet overpopulation

695 cats helped/$48,145 in funding in 2020

Leashes for dogs, and collars with personalized tags for adopted dogs and cats

854 cats, 532 dogs helped in/$9,497 in funding in 2020

Spotlight social media posts which helps shed a light on special pets who might need more attention

22 pets helped in 2020

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