Bruno the Brave

This situation is unthinkable, especially for one of our very own community members.

A woman and her dogs were struck by a vehicle while out on a walk in Fairfax County on Monday, October 24. Tragically, one of the dogs passed away at the scene and Bruno was in critical condition, as was the owner. Bruno was rushed to Pender where he suffered from multiple wounds, including a fracture and abrasions from the impact. Friends made an urgent plea to our community to help with Bruno’s medical costs, and countless individuals came to his rescue. Within 24 hours, over $8,000 was raised through Finnegan’s Fund to cover the cost of Bruno’s emergency medical care. Finnegan’s Fund ensures that pets like Bruno and other pets in critical condition can receive life-saving care at the Fairfax County Animal Shelter.

After receiving around the clock care for several days, Bruno was reunited with the daughter of the woman who was hit by the vehicle. He is in stable condition and waiting to reunite with his mom.