Ginger Rogers

Gracious Ginger Rogers

In September 2023 through astute observations and an intervention of a local vet and the Fairfax County Animal Protection Police (APP) Ginger Rogers (new name), small Maltipoo (Maltese and Poodle mix), a four month, 4lb puppy was surrendered to the Fairfax County Department of Animal Sheltering (FCAS). She was immediately transferred to Pender Veterinary Centre (practice used by FCAS) for emergency surgery to save her shattered left rear limb. Without the surgery she would have lost the limb and possibly suffered future medical complications and/or other traumas. After the successful surgery she was placed in a foster home to recover. Over the next month in her foster home, it became apparent that she suffered from other trauma as she cowered and wrapped her front limbs around her head when picked up. She was restricted to limited mobility, and it was necessary to pick her up to carry her in and out of the house for her bathroom breaks. She was malnourished and over the next month it was a labor of love to hand feed her to gain her trust and to make sure she ate to help her regain her strength. She was adopted by her foster family and after five months she flourished. She currently weighs nine pounds, is fully house trained and the pins in her limb have been removed. She loves to go on walks and greets everyone with her tail wagging. Although she has a slight ‘hitch’ in her ‘giddy up’, she is light on her feet and her puppy personality has emerged. She is a ray of sunshine, and we are delighted that she chose us.