Mighty Misty

Misty was going through quite the ordeal when he was surrendered to the Fairfax County Animal Shelter. Misty, who had a history of urinary issues, was suffering from a urinary blockage that was extremely painful. Urinary blockages are causes when the bladder forms stones and those stones get stuck in the urethra. If left untreated, urinary blockages can be fatal as these blockages don’t allow urine to pass.

During medical examination, the stones were not clearly visible, creating a harder circumstance to remove them. The best possible solution to relieve Misty was a PU surgery, or Perineal urethrostomy, a surgery to alleviate blockages in cats with chronic urinary tract and bladder disease. This surgery was performed in conjunction with a cystotomy, a surgery to remove any remaining bladder stones. After spending time recovery from this intense ordeal, Misty was able to go back to her original home. The combination of these two surgeries saved Misty’s life.