Outstanding Olive

Olive, formally Nala, has settled in well to her forever home! She required extensive dental care after being found on a hiking trail in Northern Virginia. The extent of the dental disease was so extreme that she ended up needing all of her teeth removed. Thanks to the support of the Fairfax County Animal Shelter, she was able to have the surgery she needed, setting her up for a much more comfortable future.

Her family says she’s doing great in her new home now that her dental issues are on the mend! She spends her days grooming, chowing down on her favorite food (soft, of course), and cuddling her new family, a considerable improvement from the cat, they say, who wasn’t even grooming pre-surgery. She may only be 6 pounds, but her spark and energy are well suited to her new 12-year-old sibling, Dillon. After the family lost their beloved cat of 15 years in June, they are so thankful this cutie pie made her way into their lives.