Precious Pepper

We are so grateful to live in a community where pets’ lives are valued and respected. Poor Pepper was found on the side of the road in Maryland by a Good Samaritan and transported to a veterinary hospital in Fairfax County. Pepper was seriously injured by a suspected car accident, suffering from multiple fractures in her hip and pelvic area. The damage to her little body was extreme, but there was hope for a brighter future.

Pepper was determined to need a FHO surgery, or femoral head ostectomy, which is a surgical procedure that removes the damaged head and neck of the femur to restore mobility and comfort. Before she could undergo this procedure, she needed the fractures in her pelvis to heal. During this time, she remained on crate rest with a caring foster family. After several weeks of rest, Pepper was able to receive the necessary FHO surgery funded by Friends.

This lucky gal was given a second chance thanks to caring people in our community and the support from our compassionate constituents. Pepper was adopted very shortly after she was cleared by the vet and is now in a loving home.