You saved his life. Help us save others.

Finnegan made his way to the Fairfax County Animal Shelter in 2018 after being hit by a car. Despite a broken leg and tail, Finnegan showed love to everyone he met—from the kind person who moved him off the road after he was hit, and the police officer who carried him into the veterinary hospital; to the veterinary staff who stabilized him, and the Shelter caretakers who kept him comfortable. No one knew where this gentle, young dog came from, but since he was in the care of the Shelter, Friends asked our compassionate community to help him get back into tip-top shape so he could be adopted, loved and spoiled for the rest of his life.

You answered our social media call for help and raised more than $3,000 to repair his broken femur, amputate a damaged portion of his tail, and fund his recovery in foster care. Today, Finnegan lives happily ever after with his new, forever family.

In honor of Finnegan and everyone who helped save his life, we created Finnegan’s Fund as a way to prepare for other, dire medical situations. This fund is reserved for pets who need immediate, emergency medical care.

Why Donate?

Finnegan’s case is not unique. Over the past few years, the Shelter has seen a rise in the number of emergency medical cases similar to Finnegan’s.

There are many times when the Shelter staff needs to act quickly to save an animal’s life. The Shelter depends on Friends for funding these emergencies. We cannot help these Shelter pets without your support.

While we hope we don’t see cases like Finnegan’s in the future, we know we have to be prepared. Your donations to Friends and Finnegan’s Fund are crucial to saving lives.

Lives Saved through Finnegan’s Fund:

  • Finnegan (dog)
  • Suzie (dog)
  • 32 bunnies from a hoarding case
  • Thora (puppy)

Take Action

Make a deductible donation today. On behalf of the Shelter pets, Friends thanks you for your support.