Giving Tuesday

Thank you for helping us raise over $32,000 on Giving Tuesday 2022!

Your support helped us raise our largest amount ever on Giving Tuesday. We are grateful for the support our community provides that makes our duty to Shelter pets possible. In loving memory of Road Dog, Susan and Paul Harris, grandparents of Road Dog, donated a matching gift pledge to Friends of the Fairfax County Animal Shelter in the amount of $5,000. The Harris Family made this generous donation so that other pets can receive the care and compassion that they need to find their loving home. You can read Road Dog’s full story below.

In 2014, an Australian Cattle Dog mix was roaming through the town of Vienna and eventually he found his way to C & C Garage, Inc. He was very fearful, but the employees of the garage could slowly get him to eat food they left for him. In the evening, they allowed him to stay in the garage. They tried frequently to approach him and gain his trust, but he always kept his distance. He became the garage mascot, and they all fell in love with him. They named him, “Road Dog.”

One day Rita Altman, the Vice President of Friends of the Fairfax County Animal Shelter, noticed Road Dog at the garage and inquired about how she could help him. They all agreed that it was time to bring him to the Fairfax County Animal Shelter so that he could get the care he needed. After several attempts, over several visits, the employees of the garage and Rita coaxed Road Dog into Rita’s car and she brought him to the Shelter.

Randy Mouri, now a Shelter employee, was volunteering at the time and providing training to shelter staff and volunteers on dog behavior. He was also working with shelter dogs with special behavioral needs. Randy worked on Road Dog’s social skills and on gaining his trust. Randy fostered Road Dog so that he could provide him with the care he needed.

Road Dog flourished under Randy’s care and in early 2015, he was put up for adoption. The Shelter knew that it would take a special person or family to adopt him. Joanna Harris and her family were the special people who Road Dog chose to be his family. Although there was more work to be done to help Road Dog, they were there for him and he was there for them. Road Dog remained wary of strangers, but his unconditional love for Joanna and her daughter was always apparent.

Road Dog visited the C & C Garage this past summer, where he was happy to see his old friends. Road Dog, RD, Roadie and Handsome, as he was affectionately known, passed away this August, surrounded by all who loved him.