Thora’s Happy Heart

Thora had a rough start to life, but she made an incredible recovery thanks to the support of our pet loving community. Thora was born with ‘patent ductus arteriosus,’ abbreviated to ‘PDA,’ which basically means that a part of her heart that was supposed to close after she was born did not close. Thora would not be able to live for more than a year or two without a necessary surgery. Through Finnigan’s Fund, we were able to raise enough money for Thora to receive her surgery and shortly after, Thora was on the road to recovery.

Thora was adopted alongside her sister Tempe by their foster family. Thora and Tempe, nicknamed Wookie and Pudge, are extremely close and share their home with another older dog. Thora will continue to take medication to maintain her health, but now she will be able to live the long, fulfilling life that she deserves.