Unbreakable Umbro

Umbro is really one lucky guy….while his missing ears look a bit scary, this was actually the best solution to save him!
You see, Umbro was brought to the Fairfax County Animal Shelter after a kind individual noticed the rough state of his ears after he was seen hanging around their home. After he was trapped and brought to the Shelter, veterinarians said that the spots all over Umbro’s ears were in fact cancer. The best solution was the amputate the ears entirely to remove the affected tissue so that it would not continue to spread. While he was undergoing surgery, he also received a teeth cleaning which Friends provided.
It took a little time, but Umbro’s ears eventually healed over and he grew into his new look. If Umbro was left without treatment for a longer period of time, the cancer could have spread even further, which might not have been as easily treatable.
We are so glad that we could help out this sweet, gentle boy.